Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. We hope that the new year brings all God's blessings and the best life has to offer.
We are enjoying our last week or so before we return to classes for the Spring semester. It will be busy as all of our semesters are. Lindsey will be working on finishing up the requirements for her Management degree and working nearly full time. On January 10th, Lindsey job will expand, as her boss opens a second store in downtown Hays. She has been working on all aspects of opening a new business and is getting a lot of great experience! The new store will be a Prom dress store, opening on a trial basis from January to May, then the plan is to re-open in October on a permenant basis. Lindsey will also travel to Dallas mid-January with her boss to experience her first market.
Cory will also have a full schedule of classes, as well as working nearly full time. He continues to work in the Tire & Lube Express (TLE) as a technician in the Hays Wal-Mart.