Monday, May 13, 2013

A little late...

As I was trying to delete pictures off my phone to make room for more photos, I realized that I never made a post that I promised MONTHS ago. Months ago might be giving myself more credit than I deserve even.

The last few years on the day after Thanksgiving and the following weekend, my mom and my sister have come to spend time at my house. We spend a whole day making all sorts if Christmas goodies. It's kind of like our test run of the things we want to make for Christmas. 

So little sister, here are the pics that I promised back in November.

My medium size crockpot had gone to work with my Husband this day for an employee potluck, so we used the football pot to melt our Almond Bark for our delicious, dipped goodness. 

The Statue of Liberty... Or something like that..

Dad and the Dog, our taste testers/quality control.