Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh, wow. It's been almost 2 months since our last update. Since then we have made our way to San Diego and back. The weather was beautiful, and Casey and Megan's beach wedding was amazing. We were so glad we could be there. We also went to Sea World, spent time at the beach, walked through a swap meet, went deep sea fishing, and spent time on the USS Midway museum ship.

USS Midway ^

^ Us on the Beach at Casey & Megan's Wedding

^Deep Sea Fishing collage

When we returned home, Cory worked his last day at Wal-Mart and then began working as a Manager-In-Training at Hastings. The store is just completing a new remodel that he was able to be a part of, requiring some extra hours at the store. He has also be working on Calculus, his last class required to earn his BBA.
A little over a week ago we purchased a new vehicle. We traded in Lindsey's car (Sally the Sebring), and purchased a crossover SUV (Lexi the Lexus). The Sebring was having a few problems (Cory hasn't liked it since the day Lindsey brought it back to Hays, but since it was before marriage, he didn't have a lot of say in the purchase) and after some number crunching with Randy, we determined it was feasible to purchase a different vehicle.

^Sally the Sebring on the lot to be sold

^Lexi the Lexus in our Driveway

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