Sunday, May 3, 2009

Upcoming Vacation

As you may or may not have known, we were planning a vacation back to Mexico this summer to the same resort we went last summer on our honeymoon. We booked our trip back in December or January. Since booking our trip, we have been watching the developments in Mexico. First was the drug cartels, but after researching, we were confident that we would be okay in the area in which were were going and the activities in which we would be participating. The newest development is obviously the swine flu (the the h1n1 virus to be politically correct). We now are questioning the safety of a trip to Mexico. We have been looking at our options, and as of right now we are planning on changing our reservations to a resort in Jamaica. We have not yet made the change, as we are waiting to see how everything plays out (and saving for the additional expense we will incur). We just wanted to the the chance to update everyone on our vacation plans.

We hope this finds everyone doing well!

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