Sunday, June 7, 2009


Summer is officially here, which for us just means we don't have classes {and that isn't even true for Lindsey this summer}. The first big event of the summer is our move. We had some trouble getting into our new rental house on time, but, a week and a half later, with water and a new bathroom, we were able to move in. Luckily, we had allowed ourselves two weeks of overlapping with the lease from our apartment. The landlords completely re-did our bathroom, so we had no water to the house for about the first week of our lease. This made for an interesting living situation since we had arranged for family to come help us move on the 15th (the day our lease was supposed to start) and for our cable and Internet to be switched to the new house that day. We spent a week spending the evening at the house watching TV, and then returning to the apartment to sleep on an air mattress and use the restroom and shower. But that is all over with now, and we are moved in and getting settled. We have turned in the keys and left our apartment "the cleanest an apartment has ever been left" according to our old landlords. Hopefully we will be posting pictures of the new house soon. It is so nice to have our own space and not have people constantly walking above us, or slamming doors and drawers in the neighboring kitchen. Also, Kyzer has come home and is adjusting very well to city life. At first, he barked at the door a lot because of the traffic, but that is getting less and less. I think he is glad to be here.
Lindsey is taking one class online this summer. She is taking Calculus thought Hutchinson Community College. Fort Hays decided to do only online courses this summer, to cut costs on campus. And the choices of online classes are limited. Calculus is the only class standing in the way of Lindsey's Bachelor's of Business Administration. So, it will be a challenge this summer, but the reward will be worth it!
We will be taking our trip to Mexico as we had originally planned, well, kind of. Originally we were going to return to the same resort we visited for our honeymoon, but we decided to go to a new resort this summer instead. Rather than being 45 miles south of Cancun, we will only be about 25 (or so they tell me, directions are not my forte). We will be leaving for Kansas City after Lindsey gets off work Saturday, June 13. We plan to attend a KC Royals game on Sunday, which unfortunately means we have to miss Lindsey's grandmother's birthday party. Monday will be a lazy day, since we have to be at the airport Tuesday morning at approximately 3:00 am, to prepare for our 6:00am international flight. We will be staying with Cory's brother and he will be taking us to the airport (thanks Chadd!). We will return to Kansas City June 22nd.
I think this novel pretty much covers what has happened and what will be happening coming up! Thanks for checking in!
Love, Lindsey and Cory

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