Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Next Becky?

A few weeks ago my family took a trip together. My mom and I decided we were making a stop at Hobby Lobby, the boys (my dad and my husband) decided they were going to take that time to check out the golf equipment at the sporting goods store. That left my little sister to decide which store she was going along to. She decided to stick it out with the ladies and head to Hobby Lobby. She's not usually ecited about a trip to Hobby Lobby, and I don't think this trip was really much different. I made it my goal to help her find some goods to work on a project. Like a lot of other people, we've joined the website She picked something that she had pinned, a bullitin board for her bedroom. The orignal pin had a bullitin board covered in scrapbook paper. When we dicussed how we wanted to complete her project, we decided that fabric would be a better option to cover the board because on paper each time you push in a pin, there would be a premenant hole showing. After we decided how we were going to go about the project, the next step was to pick the fabric. With the fabric chosen and other supplies purchased it was time to get started.

We took pictures along the way to show mom. Here they are:

Cutting fabric is hard work. (She's going to kill me)

Sewing all the pieces together.
"We're not taking this to the 4-H fair, right?"

Ironing the seams open.

Showing Mom and Kyzer what she did.

The finished product. At least for now.
We may add some ribbons to it.

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kendrag said...

Yeah!!! I love that the first picture is of me sleeping! :)